Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies of my book do I need to order?

The minimum number is 200. The maximum number is around 100,000.

How do I find out how much it will cost to print my book?

Complete the quote request (make hyperlink), or contact Gene Miller E-mail:, Phone: (814) 880-7217 or Elizabeth Boyle E-mail:, Phone: (814) 577-8678.

How long will it take to get an estimate?

Usually 48 hours.

Will someone be available to help me throughout the printing process?

Yes, a dedicated Customer Service Representative will oversee every phase of your project.

What size books are available?

Portrait orientation: between 4.5"x 6.5" and 9"x 12"; landscape orientation: between 8.5"x 5.5" and 11"x 9". NOTE: The spine dimension is always listed last. Contact or for other sizes.

How do I keep the cost of my book low?

Use standard sizes: 5.5"x 8.5"; 6"x 9"; 7"x 10"; 8.5"x 11"; or 9"x 12".

Are there a minimum number of pages required?

Hard cover books must have at least 32 pages, perfect-bound books must have at least 32 pages, saddlestitched books must have at least eight pages.

What constitutes a page?

Each individual sheet of paper consists of two pages, a front and a back.

What file format or software should I use?

The most efficient format is PDF files. However we are able to work with most software programs (except Microsoft Publisher and Pagemaker).

Do I need to submit a "hard copy" (printed page) of my files?

It is preferred.

Will GM Bookprinting send me a color proof?

Our standard proofs are CTP color lasers. Epson proofs are provided for the covers.

Where will my book be printed?

In the USA, a high percentage of our books are printed by Jostens. We also have relationships with printers with additional capabilities that fit your specific needs.

What options do I have for text paper (stock)?

We have a range of coated and uncoated paper available, with uncoated stock as light as 50 lbs., and coated stock as light as 60 lbs. The maximum text weight is 100 lbs.

What options do I have for cover material?

We have a wide range of weights and finishes for paper covers. Hard cover books can have cloth, laminated paper or imitation leather.

What options do I have for binding?

We can provide Smythe sewing, perfect binding, saddle stitch, Plastikoil, Wire-O, PUR binding, folded, or shrink-wrapped products.

Will GM Bookprinting help me with the design?

Upon signed contract, we provide a cover template for you to follow for the cover design. We can also provide input for margins, bleeds, etc. We’ll gladly review a test file if you need help getting started on the right foot.

What are bleeds?

When printing goes all the way to the edge of the page, it is said to "bleed". Bleeds can impact the cost of printing. When it does, we'll mention a slightly smaller trim size that allows bleeds without raising the price.

What are endsheets?

The heavy sheet glued to the Inside front and back cover of a hard cover book, plus the sheet that faces it, are endsheets.

What is a dust jacket?

The printed, laminated sheet that wraps around a hard cover book. Flaps tuck inside the front and back covers to hold it in place.

About how long will it take to print my book?

After you have returned your proofs, it takes about three weeks for a hard cover book to ship. Other binding styles ship even sooner.

Does GM Bookprinting distribute individual books?

Yes, simply provide an electronic file to produce a mailing label. We do not provide storage or warehouse space. Magazines will be routed to a local mail house that provides address certification services.

What are your payment terms?

Unless a credit application is submitted in advance, GM Bookprinting's standard terms are 1/3 due on submission, 1/3 due on proof return and final payment due within 30 days of shipment. Credit cards are accepted.